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Proffesional Business Philosophy


We value the power of thorough interrogation, investigation and gaining insights in order to inform the creative and innovative storyline in our service offering.


We are results driven. We consistently strive to not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations. This is achieved through a compulsive attitude towards meeting set KPI’s, Sales targets, conversation rates, customer feedback, revenue and brand equity returns.


We are content creators. We tell stories. We bring brands to life. We narrate and translate business narratives.


We love to work with people who are looking to do great things, ensuring that great ideas translate to tangible products / services with measurable results.

To Get GAME- CHANGING results ,start focuing on GAME CHANGING thoughts,"- Robin Sharma

We Guarantee you our professional service excellence!

We are Blaze Consult/Media Network is a professional business consulting agency, a creative and forward thinking company hell bent on delivering results driven innovative solutions. Since our inception in 2012, we have built a solid reputation based on our ability to provide excellent customer service with attention to detail, be it for consulting, creative or strategic offerings.

Mission:: Continuous knowledge seeking and passion for the Creative Consulting industry that translates to tangible and marketable skills to create successful projects.

The vision is simple; innovation and continued understanding of our clients and how to make our clients ideas come alive and stay alive. With this vision Blaze consult/Media Network is able to set a path of success in all arenas and set goals that are full of longevity and that are attainable.

The objectives are to be one of the key players in the region, bringing innovative solutions to clients who may have otherwise not seen the true value of media intervention in their business. Blaze Consult/Media Network is at its core a grassroots to offshore company that is able to cater to small and large companies looking for that extra edge in their businesses. With this core business drive we aim to create a substantial market share that can penetrate all levels and generate incredible investment returns for our shareholders and maximize on the businesses capital investments.

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Products & Services

: Our professional cooperative has expertise ranging from , Market Research ,Strategic innovative thinking ,Product Development ,Client Understanding / liaison , Radio /TV Production ,Organisational development , Brand strategy ,Marketing , Programme management office as well as e-commerce services , we also have under our umbrella a network of talented associates that can stretch further with the latest knowledge and advances in the industry ,We care and strategically synchronise this great deal of associates and professionals, as well as creative individuals with a pro-active philosophy and accurate development.

Org. Development

Programme Management Office

Our focus is on helping organisations effectively define their Vision as well execute their policies and maintain standards for their project management within their Organisation.


Client Understanding/ Liaison

We love our people and value all our professional business relationships,We do not only understand the power of relationships ,We are able to forge and develop favourable synergies between strategic corporations.

Data & Content


We value the power of thorough interrogation, investigation and gaining insights in order to inform the creative and innovative storyline in our service offers.



We always apply an innovative marketing strategy and pair it with a combination of factors that enable companies and various Brands to influence their customers to purchase its products.


Strategic Innovative Thinking

We love what we do and are passionate about generating new ideas and advising our clients effectively on problem solving tactics ,we remain open-minded and value client understanding as well as strive to not only keep our clients happy but also assure them and see them through the success of every project.


Product & Content Development

Let us help you sell your products to the targeted audience by applying objectively verifiable indicators, and communicating an effective product narrative.

Your Preferred Partner is always Blazeing and Ready to Collaborate! Are you?

It is an inevitable fact that the world of business significantly and by all means necessitates an external creative business referring solution as well as professional advice and expertise. Companies as well as significant number of industries are effectively innovating, We at Blaze Consult Network understand that innovative strategies are essential for the sprouting business world economy and are there to assist you keep aligned, united and constantly connected as well be relevant with your patrons ,networks ,targets and customers.


Blaze Consult / Media Network is a stable company with a seasoned leadership team, which continues to strive for improvement of personal and professional skills and the quality of our Service.


Communication is a crucial factor when working with any service provider. As a team we strive to work hard to make ourselves available to our clients, that allows communication with customers/partners in different zone with convenience for clients and customers.


Experience and innovation are key attributes of a worthy media provider, Blaze Consult / Media Network team possesses all that is needed for successful development: technical capabilities, creativity capabilities and experience with large and small projects


We guarantee our customers will receive:
Creative and innovative designs
High quality without compromise offerings
Measurable results
Increased awareness and business competitiveness.


We are committed to building ready, reliable long-term relations with customers. This is any businesses goal, Blaze Consult / Media Network takes dependability to a level of assurance and guarantee that we will work hard until we have achieved the project goal, however Blaze Consult / Media Network does believe in being dependable and accountable.

Corporate Values

Blaze Media Network is a contemporary yet wholesome place to work and translate this same image to our clients and our work. We believe in making sure we listen, understand, communicate, deliver, assure and guarantee great service. With our Contemporary outlook we keep our company fresh and young at the same time stay trustworthy and work with integrity. Blaze Consult / Media Network takes time and effort in understanding each client's needs. We do so because each client is an integral part of the success of our business and we know that our services plays a big role in each client's business.

Innovation & Continued understanding of our clients and how to make clients ideas come alive and stay alive !!!

Clients Testimonials

We are always excited hearing back from our clients after every succssesful project. Let us share great stories with you below(word) from our assocciates and clients !!!

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